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Begin Your Child's Adventure

Create personalized stories for your child, weaving tales that are as unique as they are.


Feature 1

Customized Reading Level

Customize the story to suit your child's reading level and attention span. This ensures that the story is both engaging and accessible for your child.

Feature 2

Optional Morals or Lessons

As a parent, you can insert an optional moral or lesson into the story. This could be anything that you find important for your child to learn.

Feature 3


Only you can view your stories. We ensure that your personal stories and data are never shared with third parties. Your privacy is our top priority.

Feature 2

Include Siblings, Friends, and Pets in the Story

Personalize the stories even more by including siblings, friends, or even pets as characters. This feature allows you to create shared experiences, enhancing the bonding and enjoyment for your child.

Stories from our Users

“I love creating these stories. My kids keep asking for more!”

- Jamie Sowder

“I love how cute I am on this page!”

- Arya Sowder

“Dad, can you make another one where I'm older than my big sister?”

- Sam Sowder

Have Questions?

How does it work?

Just like any magic, there is a method behind it. You provide your child's profile and our magical AI crafts a story around them.

What is the cost?

Magic should be accessible to everyone. That's why our storytelling service is absolutely free.

How do you handle privacy?

Your child's adventure is theirs alone. We never share your stories or personal data with third parties.